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Warranty Information

To contact a Vox authorized service center for repairs here in the United States, please visit our Service Center Locator at http://www.korgusa.com/VoxDealers  and click the “Service” tab.

Warranty and repair of Vox products:

  • Warranty coverage is provided by the Vox distributor in the country which the product was purchased. If you are not currently located in the country where the product was purchased and require local repair, please contact the local Vox distributor for servicing information. Please note, if you require warranty repair service, you must have your product serviced in the country where it was purchased, even if this requires you to pay shipping fees to and from that country. In this instance, please contact the Vox authorized service center in the country the product was purchased to make the necessary arrangements. For more information regarding the Vox USA (Korg USA) warranty, please click on the following link. www.korgusa.com/warranty
  • A legible copy of the item’s original itemized sales receipt from a Vox authorized dealer must be presented to the Vox authorized service center prior to the request for warranty repair. Documentation such as packing lists, credit card statements, or the product registration screen shot does not replace the original itemized sales receipt as valid proof of purchase or verification for warranty repairs.

  • To contact Vox USA (Korg USA) Customer Service, please Click here.
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