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Need operational assistance with your product or interested in learning more before making a purchase? Check out these great resources below!


Our extensive Korg support site provides just about anything you could need:

YouTube - Our channel features more than 400 videos in the form of manuals, product overviews, sound demos, archived webcasts and answers to FAQs.

Communities - We encourage you to take advantage of two vibrant online communities: Korg Forums and Karma-Lab. With membership numbers in the thousands, these sites are fantastic resources for learning from other Korg users all over the world.

VOX Amplification

Got a VOX question? We’ve got a fantastic support site that contains:

YouTube - Our channel offers extensive product overviews, comparison videos, tone tips and more, to help you get the most out of your VOX gear!

JamVOX - Need some help with your JamVOX software? Head over to our dedicated JamVOX website offering the latest software downloads, FAQs and more.

Blackstar Amplification

Our Support site offers:

YouTube - Offering product demos, archived webinars and terrific tone tips, our YouTube channel is a great place to learn more and get the most out of your Blackstar gear!

Community - Blackstar has an official forum where you can hang out and interact with other Blackstar users throughout the world, sharing usage and tone tips to help you achieve the sound in your head.

Lâg Guitars

To learn more about our guitars, take a look at our product pages which offerhigh-resolution photos and extensive product specifications.

YouTube - Head over to our YouTube channel for some great product demos and artist videos!

Ashdown Engineering

Check out Ashdown’s product pages and dedicated support page for:

YouTube - The Ashdown YouTube channel offers a host of helpful videos including product demos, overviews and more.


The SAKAE website offers great photos, sound demos and detailed explanations of the unique technologies used in designing and crafting these world-class drums.

YouTube - Our growing channel currently hosts some great artist demos!

HK Audio

HK’s website provides extensive support materials in the form of:

YouTube - HK’s channel has a number of videos explaining their unique technologies, demonstrating their intuitive setups and offering practical applications for their impressive PA solutions.