Korg Ready, casSETte, GO!

The next volca is here; straight out of the decade of decadence! Introducing the volcassette Cassette Player and Multi-track Recorder. It combines the very best of portable cassette players with super-intuitive four-track true-analog recording capabilities.

Capture the moment when inspiration strikes!

Video DEMO


Transport: Play, Record, Rewind, Rewind 2x, Fast Forward, Fast Forward 3x, Tape Speed (for playback and record), Auto-Reverse

Recording Capabilities: Four-track recorder

Display: 7-segment LED play counter with reset

Inputs: Combined 1/8” guitar/XLR input (includes breakout cables); onboard microphone

Outputs: 2 x 1/8” stereo headphone jacks for shared listening

Output Processing: Dolby A noise reduction; dedicated Bass and Treble controls

Power: 6 x AA batteries (included) for up to 20 hours continuous playback, or optional 9V adapter

*Optional volcahead head-cleaning tape also available